Guided Rides

Friday Morning, 10am

Cottonwood Park

Have trailer, ready to go

Little Book Cliffs, Wild Horse Area

DESCRIPTION:  A wild horse herd is present in this area (you might see them). Cultural values of the Fremont Culture are found here, as well as several natural bridges and hoodoos.  The outstanding scenic beauty and topographic diversity offer excellent photo opportunities

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: EASY to MODERATE Riders should have some experience on dirt roads with rocky, uneven surfaces.

ROUTE: DeBeque exit (62) Cross over the Colorado River and stay on the main road, take a left into the Town of DeBeque (4th Street) to the gas station- take a left and follow the road to the end. Turn right onto Winter Flats Road. Travel approximately 20 miles to a fork in the road. The right branch will take you to the North Soda area (the norther most point of the Wild Horse Area). 

Riders Choice

DESCRIPTION:  James & Carl from RCR Performance in Rifle will have a couple options and discuss with people to see where they want to explore.